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    Rick Kaplan and Katie Couric on the set of Evening News

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    Rick Kaplan with the CNN-US political team, including Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer

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    Rick Kaplan with Maggie Rodriguez on the set of CBS Evening News

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    Rick Kaplan in the CNN Newsroom

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    Kaplan and the team for NBC's "A Concert for Hurricane Relief"

KAPLAN MEDIA PARTNERS was founded by Rick Kaplan in August of 2012, with a mission to provide the knowledge and experience to produce quality news programming and documentaries as a network consultant. Kaplan uses his 40 years of experience in TV news production and reporting to deliver media training, crisis management and one-on-one strategy sessions to firms who are looking to increase their influence through groundbreaking conferences and intra-corporate communications. Kaplan also works with corporations to develop strong media strategies creating a more efficient company on both an internal and external level.

Kaplan looks forward to expanding his clientele, by working with new TV shows, documentaries, social media firms, attending speaking engagements, and working with any company looking to improve their internal workflow or in need of Kaplan's TV news expertise.

awards & recognition

Kaplan has received numerous awards for his work over the years, including:

  • 47 Emmy Awards
  • 4 Overseas Press Club Awards
  • 3 George Foster Peabody Awards
  • 2 George Polk Awards
  • 4 Ohio State Awards
  • 4 Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Awards
  • 2 Gold Batons
  • 12 Headliner Awards
  • 8 Cine Eagles for Journalistic Excellence & the Distinguished Service Award

and a Bronze Medallion from the Professional Society of Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi.


Richard Kaplan is a award-winning producer and pioneer in the journalism industry. His expertise and experiences in TV news span 40 years of in-depth reporting and innovative producing on national and international stories and shows. Kaplan has received numerous awards for his work, including 47 Emmy Awards, 4 Overseas Press Club Awards, and 3 George Foster Peabody Awards. Kaplan's career has lead him to launch his own media consulting business, known as KAPLAN MEDIA PARTNERS (KMP).


KMP’s first client was Aaron Sorkin and the HBO program THE NEWSROOM, where Kaplan was hired to be a Creative Consultant beginning with Season Two. Writing began in September of 2012. In February of 2013 Kaplan was employed to consult and co-produce a historic documentary of former President George Bush - “41 on 41"- for the Bush Library and family. In April of 2013 Kaplan was given the job of overseeing all live productions on shows at THE FUSE NETWORK. Kaplan was also tasked with reorganizing the network and its 250 employees. In October of 2012, Kaplan was contracted by the Madison Square Garden Company and Fuse Network to create and executive produce a 30-minute daily news program solely about music. The program is called Fuse News, and deals with daily breaking news in the music business.

Prior, Kaplan was named Executive Producer of ABC NEWS’ THIS WEEK WITH CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR and put in charge of political coverage and 2012 Election Coverage and Specials in May of 2011, producing the Republican candidates' presidential debate. Kaplan was named Executive Producer of The CBS EVENING NEWS with Katie Couric in March of 2007. In revamping this evening newscast he produced several hours of special political and election coverage, including the game-changing Katie Couric interviews with Sarah Palin that was honored with a 2010 Columbia Du Pont award.



In February 2004, Mr. Kaplan was named PRESIDENT of MSNBC, NBC News’ 24-hour cable channel . During his tenure, ratings for virtually every hour of the program day rose by double-digit numbers: 24% in daytime, 27% in primetime, and across 2005-2006 grew an amazing 67% in audience share. He also produced major news events including Election Night 2004 and A CONCERT FOR HURRICANE RELIEF, the latter being a one-hour musical event. Musical guests included Harry Connick, Jr., Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Aaron Neville who entertained as the broadcast was simulcast across 7 networks. Hosted by Matt Lauer and celebrities including Hillary Swank, John Goodman and Richard Gere, the program raised more than $50 million for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As PRESIDENT of CNN-U.S.from 1997-2000, Kaplan was responsible for all news and programming at the flagship network of the CNN News Group. He further enhanced the network’s reputation as the world’s television news leader by instituting a highly-rated new class of instant news specials, revamping the network’s programming lineup with a new program schedule and anchor teams, and increasing the number of hours of hard news programming during the weekends.

cnn - u.s.

world news tonight with peter jennings

In January 1994, Kaplan became EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with PETER JENNINGS and was responsible for the direction and overall editorial content of the most watched evening news program in the nation. Under Kaplan’s direction in 1994, World News Tonight with Peter Jennings broadcast live from the beaches of Normandy for the 50th anniversary of D-Day and in a series of special news broadcasts from the Middle East, produced the first live program from the Gaza Strip. Prior to that Kaplan was the creator and EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the ABC News magazine, PRIMETIME LIVE, from 1989 to 1994. Under his direction, the program quickly became one of the leading news magazines on television, regularly finishing in the top ten of all programs in his final three years there.

Kaplan was EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE from 1984 to 1989, where he guided the late-night news program through a period of extraordinary innovation and exclusive interviews. In 1988, Kaplan was Executive Producer of Nightline in the Holy Land, a critically acclaimed week-long series examining Arab-Israeli conflicts. At that time he was also responsible for an unprecedented four-hour Nightline National Town Meeting on AIDS, the most comprehensive coverage of the epidemic ever shown on network television.

abc news nightline

furthering education

Complementing his distinguished broadcast journalism career, Kaplan has devoted a great deal of his time to education, lecturing on the topics of journalism, advertising and politics in media at universities across the country including Duke University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Cornell, Wellesley, Boston College, Columbia College, USC, Berkley, University of Pennsylvania, and his alma mater University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.